Identifying Heart Disease

Heart failure in dogs is sometimes accompanied by noticeable signs. Other times, there may be subtle changes in your dog’s behaviour, such as starting to get tired on long walks, reluctance to play, or an occasional soft cough.


It is important that you and your dog pay regular visits to your veterinarian. This gives your veterinarian the greatest possible chance for early detection and treatment of heart disease and detecting the early signs of congestive heart failure. It also allows your veterinarian to monitor your dog's treatment for congestive heart failure on an ongoing basis.


If your dog has been diagnosed with heart disease, please remember that with your care and suitable medication from your veterinarian, a better, longer life for your dog is now achievable.


Heart disease awareness poster

Learn the basic risk factors and signs of heart disease.



“Is your dog at risk?” questionnaire

Quickly assess your dog’s risk for heart disease.