Heart2Heart Canine RRR App

The Resting Respiratory Rate (RRR) app makes monitoring easy!


Use this free app to:


  • Track your dog’s RRR
  • Compare RRR over time
  • Upload information directly to your veterinarian


Why is this important?


This tool will help you help your veterinarian detect the early signs of heart failure.
Please note: you will need information from your veterinarian to help you set up the app. He or she will need to provide your dog’s target breathing rate and specify how often you should count your dog’s resting respiratory rate.


To download:

Visit your smartphone’s app store

Get the app user guide

Refer to this guide for more information about your dog's resting respiratory rate and how to use the Heart2Heart Canine RRR App




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Film star dog in Australia succumbs to heart disease

The most famous dog in Australia, KOKO, died in December 2012 of congestive heart disease. The 7-year-old Red Cloud Kelpie was the canine star of Red Dog, a movie that has gone on to become the eighth-highest grossing Australian film of all time. After KOKO’s death, the beloved dog’s owner, Nelson Woss, created a video highlighting the prevalence of congestive heart failure in dogs and the importance of early diagnosis and treatment. Watch the video now.