Stories Shared with Us

"When my Jack Russell, Falco, began showing serious signs of heart failure, I took him to the veterinary clinic. The diagnosis was not good; Falco had mitral valve disease. The veterinarian explained the possibilities with VETMEDIN®, but I was inconsolable and in a state of despair. I thought the worst and even dug a grave for my beloved dog. Day by day, however, Falco began to recover and feel better. Now, Falco actually uses the hole in the garden as an area to play with his ball! Thank you, VETMEDIN®. I am actually happy to see that hole now. It reminds me of how much Falco has improved."


- Dr. Verge; Issoire, France

"I just wanted to simply say thank you for providing the medicine that helped save my Jett (aka Jettikins). I had exhausted myself to the point of frustration taking Jett to the doctor week after week, not understanding why they could not find what was going on with him. After several weeks and lots of testing and needles in his chest to release fluid, in addition to my account being completely depleted of funds, they finally prescribed me VETMEDIN®. Two days after I gave Jett this medicine he was full of life. My Jettikins means the world to me, he truly is like no other. I am so grateful for the hard work and dedication it took to come up with this medicine. Thank you so much for saving my Jett."


- Traci Downey, owner of Jett, an 11-year-old Black Labrador; United States

"We have seen how new drugs in the market are able to improve the quality of life of our patients. VETMEDIN® is such a drug. Our patients with CHF have shown marked improvement in their longevity and quality of life."


- Xavier Garcia, DVM; United States

At 8 years old, my German Shepherd mix, Bobby, was diagnosed with heart failure. His heart had grown so large it was almost the size of a football. Bobby was prescribed VETMEDIN®, which gave us the chance to spend quality time and go on adventures together without any suffering. It helped so much that Bobby even felt good enough to make a secret trip, which ultimately made him a father again. Bobby lived for another 8 years to reach the grand old age of 16!


- Dr. Buschner (dog owner/veterinarian); Germany

"Cosmo, my English Bull Terrier, developed signs of heart failure in February 2009 and was started on VETMEDIN®. His energy level and attitude have been great, and his last cardiac evaluation showed his disease to be relatively stable. I truly feel that VETMEDIN® is the reason he has done so well."

Cosmo, English Bull Terrier

Cosmo, English Bull Terrier

- Karen Andrews, owner of Cosmo, a 9-year-old English Bull Terrier; United States

"Our 8-year-old Great Dane, affectionately known as 'Frodo', was struggling during the summer. He was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy in its final stage and we were told that his life expectancy was about 3 months optimistically. Frodo received medicines, including VETMEDIN®, and the benefits were evident in 2 days. Those 3 months passed by and Frodo was still stable, with a higher quality of life. He was happy, playful, and looked younger. Frodo far exceeded the most optimistic prognosis."


- Owner of Frodo, an 8-year-old Great Dane; Valencia, Spain

"A 14-year-old female Pug presented for a second opinion following fainting/seizures in January 2010. A grade 5/6 heart murmur was heard and radiographs revealed a severe generalised pulmonary edema. Also, cardiac echocardiogram showed severe left-sided heart failure. She was hospitalised and treated with a cocktail of medications including VETMEDIN®. The elderly Pug has been on VETMEDIN® for the past 18 months with no episodes of syncope. The owners are very happy and thankful for the medications that have helped their dog live very comfortably."


- Karen Metzler, DVM; United States

"By the time Hime, a 1-year-old Shiba Inu, was brought to the clinic in September 2005, she was in the later stages of heart failure and not doing well. Hime had both left and right heart failure, severe ascites, pleural fluid, and pulmonary edema due to atrioventricular septal defect. Two weeks later, Hime successfully underwent heart surgery and was prescribed VETMEDIN® to manage her heart disease. After starting Hime on VETMEDIN® in 2008, her owners were amazed to see the clinical signs slowly disappear! Now, in 2013, Hime is 9 years old and her condition is stable. VETMEDIN® has given her owners a chance to spend more time with Hime and travel with their beloved dog."


- Aiko Sato (veterinarian); Japan

"Beef, my 8-year-old English Bulldog, developed signs of CHF in October 2010. An ultrasound showed that Beef had right-sided heart failure. It was upsetting because we thought the doctor was going to tell us it was time to put him down. However, she told us that with proper medications (VETMEDIN® in particular) we could expect Beef to get considerably better. Beef started taking VETMEDIN® and 2 days later was well enough to come home. Within 2 weeks, he was eating full meals and showing more energy and enthusiasm than he had in at least a couple of years."


- Sean Anthony Dunston, owner of Beef, an 8-year-old English Bulldog; United States

"For 2 years, Sadie has lived a happy and fulfilled life with the help of VETMEDIN®. No one around here had heard of a dog with CHF lasting so long with such a great quality of life. Thank you for letting me have more time with my Sadie!"

Sadie, Cocker Spaniel

Sadie, Cocker Spaniel

- Shana Bolduc, owner of Sadie; United States

"I first identified a mild intermittent murmur in 2007 along with clinical signs of heart failure. Gustav was 9 at the time. Echocardiography confirmed valve disease. An angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor alone did not stop disease progression so we intiated VETMEDIN®. Within 2 weeks, Gustav was taking longer walks. And he lived to be 14 years old. Without the treatment and his supportive owners, Gustav would have never reached this high age!"


- Marie Flöisbon (veterinarian); Sweden

"A 2-year-old Great Dane presented with CHF and the owner was considering euthanasia. Within 2 days of putting this dog on VETMEDIN®, the dog became a 'puppy' again! The clinic and the owner were amazed."


- Kathryn Kays, DVM; United States

"Pepper, a 10-year-old Pekingese, presented in severe respiratory distress (secondary to CHF). She was cyanotic and panicked. I knew that her prognosis was very grave and was sure she was not going to make it. We gave her one tablet of VETMEDIN®. The next day, Pepper was active, alert, and eating. I couldn't believe it. We have used VETMEDIN® on many dogs and have always had good results. Pepper lived another year or so and had a fairly comfortable life."


- Katherine Bartlet, DVM; United States

"Max's activity levels have nearly returned to normal, and his endurance and breathing ability have substantially increased. If it were not for the availability of VETMEDIN®, Max most likely would not be with us today. He certainly would not have the same quality of life he's had over the last few months."

Max, Great Dane

Max, Great Dane

- Holly Barnes, owner of Max, a 3-year-old Great Dane; United States

"VETMEDIN® helps Portia maintain an excellent quality of life, in spite of her heart problems. She’s active enough to help me work with other dogs’ behaviour problems and is still able to hold her own with 2 young dogs and 4 cats at home."


- Dr. Patrick Melese, DVM, DACVB, owner of Portia, a 9 1/2-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel; United States